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Education to all including weaker section.


Stress to Girls child education


Education tour to learn new things, culture and heritage


Social service to the poor section


By increasing physical activity


Preparing student for NCC


Introduction to Karate.


Empowering the society


Cleanliness and health education


Traffic rule awareness


Practical knowledge by letting students to go to construction sites, banks, factories etc.




Teaching activity like pottery, gardening, soft toys, public speaking etc.

President Message

We are happy to know that M.G.M. Higher Secondary School Bhopal is striding in the right direction to be one of best of its kind in Chattisgarh. Founded by the great visionary and educationist Late Lamented Dr. Stephanos Mar Theodosius, the school believes that true education means helping the students to find and nurture their inborn potentials and to train them in acquiring academic as well as life skills. We believe to provide the best possible channels to develop the skills of the students. We hope that the website of the school will be a medium to propagate the needed information about the School and its activities to all the stake holders. May God Almighty bestow his abundant blessings upon the Principal, Staff, Managing committee and students!!!

Dr. Joseph Mar Dionysius Metropolitan , President


It gives me immense joy to pen this felicitation message for the new web site of MGM Higher Secondary School, Bhopal. The classrooms in the past reflected the features of an undemocratic power structure. The prevailing classroom practices then promoted the culture of passive listening. They were dominated by the voice of the teacher and the learners did not have an opportunity to raise questions or enquire. On the other hand, the new curriculum gives the learner more space than ever before for co-operative and collaborative learning. Instead of mechanical transactional strategy and rote learning, the teachers shall engage learners in enquiry and discussion. It is possible for a good Teacher to manage the students and direct to what is right, without resorting to the usual modes of corporal punishment. Along with normal curriculum transaction, due importance shall be given to inculcate in learners the noble ideas of equality, sense of collectivity, gender equality, inclusivism, awareness on environment and nationalism. Keeping in tune with the ideal of Late Bishop Dr. Stephanos Mar Theodosius of Blessed Memory, MGM Higher Secondary School, Bhopal is capable of promoting a social order based on equality and justice. Letís all work together to fulfill the dream of Mar Theodosius and transform MGM Higher Secondary School, as the best school in Bhopal. May God Bless You All!

Fr. Joshi Varghese ,Diocesan Education Officer


Education is the most important and everlasting wealth, which parents long to inculcate on their children. No man can live as an island in his journey. Education gives a vital part for him/her to be social, economical & spiritual. As a result he/she comes out in to the world and faces the challenges and the difficulties. A child is a turning point when his/her parents start looking for a better school that influences the child in his personal & intellectual growth. MGM is a place which understands the children from inside & prepares them as the world wants them to do. Emphasis is given to cultivate creativity & evaluate real life situations. The Creator has fashioned the world in such a way that all his creation struggles through to achieve the goal. Education is one of the most important wealth to attain the goal in one's life. One has to enter through the narrow gate in order to enjoy the beauty of nature & the entire universe. I appreciate all the parents for supporting us in our attempt to mould each child and transform him/her like a potter who fashions.

Fr. Xavier T. Daniel (Principal)