( Affiliated to C.B.S.E. New Delhi )



Fees will be charged on following heads: -

NOTE:- The details of amount can be received from the office.


Sports and games are compulsory for all the students. The in-use system has been introduced in the school in order to develop the feeling of co-ordination, healthy competitive spirit, leadership and self-restrains among the students.

The students are divided into four houses: Blue, Red, Yellow and Green. Each house has its own flag. Inter house competitions are held to provide entertainment in a educative manner.

This provides opportunities of self expression and a change to solve common problems and difficulties collectively.

Provision has been made for the following games.


Uniform not only makes a difference and brings uniformity but also safeguards the disciplinary values.


For the convenience of the students we are conducting daily bus service throughout the city. Parents who wish to utilize this may contact the school office and collect the information regarding route charge and timing.

As a safety measure, students should not put their heads and hands out beyond the protective bars of the windows. Students should avoid causing annoyance to others by shouting, passing remarks to people outside or by throwing things out of the vehicle. Bus fees will be charged for 10 months only.


The School has spacious well furnished and ventilated classrooms. The mentors, is a team of well qualified, experienced and dedicated staff who work with a collaborative spirit to make the institution a worthy place with strong values.

Science Lab:

The school has well equipped Biology, Physics and Chemistry labs where regular practicals are held.

Maths Lab:

Provides better understanding of concepts by involving students in a number of activities. Visuals, models give shape to well defined theory concepts.

Social Science Lab:

The changing world scenario has brought about new ideas even in the field of social science, Study of maps, diagrams, audio-visual aids makes the subject matter interesting. Our lab is decked with all these facilities including working models syncline, ancticline, interiors of the earth etc.

The Computer Lab:

We have full fledged computer labs - with internet facility where every students in the assigned period gets a computer to work with.


The informational needs of the students and faculty are fulfilled in the Library. The school with great care serves the requirement of the child with latest updated reference books.

Counselling Services:

Counselling services is provided to help students cope with academic and other emotional problems. Slow learners with ports of behavioral and other problems are given special counselling session. Career guidance is also given to those who seek options in subject choice and career opportunities.

Indore/Outdoor Sports:

Extensive and well maintained play fields of football and cricket and courts for volleyball, basketball, kabaddi, throw ball and badminton are available to the students. Indoor facility for chess, table tennis is also available.

Yoga & PT:

For better concentration in studies and to keep away from stress, yoga classes are held under the guidance of the yoga teacher on every Tuesday and PT on Thursday for all the students.


Students who take special interest in Martial Arts have provision for Karate classes.


To enhance creativity the students are taught drawing, painting and handicrafts.

Special Coaching / Remedial Classes:

The school gives special attention to weak students for all classes by taking remedial Classes, whenever required and specially for Std. X and XII.

Scouts, Guides and N.C.C.

Patriotism Being one of the objectives, the students are motivated to join cadetship. For active participation every student is expected to become a member of at least one of the following clubs on every Saturday.
Nature Club: Learning to love the environment and nature to observe the "Green Rules" for clean and green surrounding.
Band Group: Co-ordination and synchrony in using Trumpets, Bugles, Drums, Flutes, to the latest tunes is encouraged among students who are interested.
Science Club: Inculcating scientific aptitudes in students through experiment and live demos.


Students are trained in Western / Classical dance and Music.


CBSE has remodeled assessment structure from the academic year 2017-18 from classes VI-X. Parents are requested to visit the CBSE website www.cbse.nic.in from time to time to access the latest and updated information.

For class Nursery - VIIIth
1st Periodicals : 20 Marks
Half Yearly : 80 Marks
2rd Periodicals : 20 Marks
Annual Exam : 80 Marks

For class IX - X
1st Periodicals : 20 Marks
2rd Periodicals : 20 Marks
3rd Periodicals : 20 Marks
Annual Exam : 80 Marks
Final Score : 33% of 80 Marks + 33% out of overall 20 Marks earmarked in each subject

For class 11th and 12th
For class XI and XII wherever practicals are applicable a student should pass separately in theory and practicals.
6. Minimum attendance required in each term of appearing in each assessment / examination is 85%. Those who fail to get the exquisite attendance will not be allowed to appear.