( Affiliated to C.B.S.E. New Delhi )


Education is the most important and everlasting wealth, which parents long to inculcate on their children. No man can live as an island in his journey. Education gives a vital part for him/her to be social, economical & spiritual. As a result he/she comes out into the world and faces the challenges and the difficulties. A child is a turning point when his/her parents start looking for a better school that influences the child in his personal & intellectual growth. MGM is a place which understands the children from inside & prepares them as the world wants them to be. Emphasis is given to cultivate creativity & evaluate real life situations.

The Creator has fashioned the world in such a way that all his creation struggles through to achieve the goal. Education is one of the most important wealth to attain the goal in one's life. One has to enter through the narrow gate in order to enjoy the beauty of nature & the entire universe. I appreciate all the parents for supporting us in our attempt to mould each child and transform him/her like a potter who fashions.