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An intelligent use of the bodily organs in a child provides the best and the quickest way of developing the intellect of the child. The development of the mind and body must go hand in hand with a corresponding awakening of the soul. Hence a proper and all round development of the intellect can take place only when it proceeds with the education of the physical and spiritual features of a child, which constitute an individual whole. M.G.M. aims at developing each child into such a whole personality. Such whole personalities developed in M.G.M. will have no shade of darkness with them. Hence our motto - "THAMASO MA JYOTIRGAMAYA".

The most important period of a child's growth is upto six years of age. Though learning starts from the womb of the mother, the apt to start formal education is 3 years. The child needs a friendly environment and trained teachers during this period.

The salient features of the human development programme of M.G.M. aiming at the creation as a whole individual are seven, fold not seven holes, not seven parts but seven phases of one integrated whole. They are intimately related and indistinguishable.

  • The intellectual development: Lessons to stimulate curiosity and develop free thinking. Result: The child becomes more truth loving and less bound to error.
  • The physical development: Training for good physique, balanced muscular co-ordination and enhanced motor skills. Result: More healthy and less subject to diseases.
  • The Moral development: Developing personal integrity and character for the right type of conduct. Result: More moral in personal standards and less prone to evil.
  • The Aesthetic development: Creating love and enjoyment of beauty inculcating sense of cleanliness, good table manners, care in personal appearance tec. Result: More refined in feeling and less satisfied with ugliness.
  • The social development: How to deal with others and behave in groups.
    Result: Morejustand helpful in social relations and less willing to exploit others.
  • The Vocational development: Encouragements for expressions, exploration,independence and creativity.
    Result: A more useful human being and less dependent on others.
  • The spiritual development: Increasing the sense and relationship to God Almighty.